Monday, February 04, 2008

Ridiculously Good Song - Subtle "Middleclass Stomp"

I liked this song when it came up on I even pressed that button that says "love." Yeah. But then I saw this video. So wonderfully weird, especially after seeing what they look like live.

Although it's pretty polarizing, I've always liked Doseone's voice, it's just so strange and nasal. I thought he was stellar in Them(selves) and I liked what I had heard of Clouddead. I think his lyrics are brilliant. And then Jel from Them is in this band too (he's the guy playing the sampler beats live with his fingers) and I really like his stuff too, his beats are "abstract," for lack of a better term. But this video, this just takes it to the next level. They look totally bizarro yet sound very talented. They look like a band from another planet. I know I keep talking about music from other planets, it's probably very weird, but I just really dig on this stuff. When I hear this song I picture some weird futuristic city inhabited with people with Doseone hair. Abstract rap guys started hanging out with Jethro Tull fans. It's wild.

I know it's late at night, but I think maybe I should move to Oakland and try to get in on this weird thing they have going on out there. I'll have to get a puffy shirt or something first though.

P.S. This band kind of reminds of that band that does the "Do the BIM" song from that movie The Apple. That band was from the future too.

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