Thursday, May 29, 2008

Recently Viewed Movies

So, school is out and movie-watching is in. I'm not sick of it yet, so I've been "feeding" my "brain" with a steady stream of movies via my revived Karagarga* account and a free month of Netflix.

My five word reviews:

  • The Lives of Others -80's East Germany totally sucked.
  • My Kid Could Paint That - Dad helped? Genre bogus anyway!
  • The White Diamond - Gotta love intense German men.
  • Paris, je t'aime - Even bad ones over quickly.
  • Baby Mama - Your friends: Wingspan and Banjo.
  • Ironman - Big budget, boring experience = meh...
  • American Teen - Warsaw, Indiana felt very important.
  • Triumph of the Nerds pt. 1 - Young Jobs resembles Tim Kinsella.
  • Down and Derby - Pat Morita barely in it.
  • That new Indiana Jones - Spoiler alert: There are aliens.
  • 10 MPH - Dude rides Segway long distances.
So yeah, I signed up for Netflix. At least for the first free month (thanks K.V.!). I'm trying to get as many movies in as possible during that time, and then I might bump down to a cheaper plan or cancel, depending on what I think. You can add me as a friend there of you want, I am like such a loser on there right now, I'm like the new kid at school or something. Have pity on me. Have any good recommendations? I only have 50 movies in my cue (most are Northern Exposure season 3 and Dr. Katz discs, so help me out here).

*A word about Karagarga, it is a "private bittorrent community specializing in arthouse, alternative, cult and classic movies" and it's so wonderfully snobby that they once revoked someone's account for uploading High Fidelity. And that is why I love it. Sure, Tommy Boy is one of my favorite movies, but Karagarga has more weird and interesting indie movies from around the world than I would ever be able to watch in a whole lifetime, and their downloads are ridiculously fast. When I watch my computer as movies are downloading from there, I think to myself "I didn't know that my internet was capable of going this fast," like, whole 1.4 GB movies in 20 minutes, etc. Getting an account on this site was more trouble than applying for college (for example, I had to write an essay explaining what I could bring to the community, etc.), but it has been totally worth it. Snobbery has very high standards, and that is why I love Karagarga.

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rachel said...

I highly recommend the beard contest documentary "Growin' a Beard."

We've been on there almost a year I think, but you are our first Netflix friend! We are getting kind of annoyed that you can't do Instant Watching on Mac or Linux...