Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Bizzare Search Hits - Googlooping Ammo

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Oh, the search-based hits keep getting better and better. For the sake of Googlooping, here's a review:

  • Puerto Ricans with knives. Like the ones in West Side Story perhaps?
  • Hannah Montana Dolls. Those things are hard to find, kind of like Cabbage Patch Kids during the Christmas shopping season of 1984, or was it 1985.
  • Who is Juice Williams? I have no idea, but Dave Chappelle was just on TV just a few hours ago talking about how black people don't know what juice is. Black folks, all they want is purple drink. Oh, that funny man, Dave Chappelle.
  • Theo Huxtable. Remember when his family gave him one heck of a reality check when he said he was just going to be a model when he grew up? Is it messed up that (even as a kid) I kind of enjoyed seeing his naive dreams of being a model get crushed?

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Anonymous said...

lolz, Dixon-san, lolz. I found your blog while googling the name of an old mutual friend!!! -Roeder-san