Friday, April 24, 2009

As You Can See, I Used To Really Know How to Party

This is from my 25th birthday party.

25th Birthday Party

Also, this picture is proof that Brian Shimkovitz used to hang out at my house with my roommate Mike Klinge.

Since I'm dropping names, here are a few more.
Back row, from left: Peter King, Chris Barth, Aaron Deer, Pete Sebeckis, Jaxon Swain (hell yes, he was worthy of rocking hair like that), Colin the dude who got to make out with Marie Cleaves (not pictured), Brian Shimkovitz.
Front row: Frickin' Maggie Frickin' Hilt! Nothing else matters.

This picture was taken by Heather Haynes.

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Chris Foresman said...

Are you suggesting you no longer know how to party? I find that very hard to believe, good sir.