Thursday, August 13, 2009

Golden Guys

I decided to take advantage of my weird throat condition/coughing that's been going on to hit some lower-than-usual notes and do some Tuvan throat singing.

What if the Golden Girls were replaced by a bunch of equally saucy old dudes? It might sound a little something like this:



brianwyrick said...

Wow - why is there not a band called Golden Guys? or is there? We should start it.

Was listening to Prayer Breakfast today and realized I haven't seen you in forever. Hope you are well!

The Social Drunk said...

I like it! But, to be honest, if the Golden Girls were replaced with guys, whoever was the equal of Blanche would be a a registered sex offender.

The Social Drunk said...

OH! And I love the nod to Home Alone!

Iva said...

LOL!!! {gosh I loved the Golden Girls!!} :) Have a great day!