Thursday, January 24, 2008

David Bowie is My New Favorite Andy Warhol

I mean, I knew he was good in Labyrinth, but David Bowie has really outdone himself this time. Last night I watched Basquiat, and I must say, that D.B. really stole the show as Andy Warhol. The movie featured a lot of interesting actors, including Vincent Gallo as some random dude at a restaurant, Courtney Love as a very unlikeable and gross blonde floozy (weird, I know), Willem Dafoe as an electrician, Christopher Walken as an annoying reporter who talks like Christopher Walken, and Dennis Hopper as a guy with an accent, but David Bowie was awesome as Andy Warhol. Sure, he was a little bit too tall, but everything else was perfect. His effortless weirdness, the tone of his voice, the way that he tilted his head, the awkward white sneakers, it was really great. Every time he talked I just kind of chuckled.

This is really bad, but throughout the whole movie, I kept thinking to myself "Is that the painting that Lars from Metallica had?" Truth be told, the only reason I even know who Basquiat is is because the guys from Raccoo-oo-oon (they're like all artists and stuff) pointed it out when we were watching Some Kind of Monster, adding that he was most undeserving of such a piece of art. Well, later in the movie he sells it at Christie's for 5 million dollars. Lars is such a tool. He will never be even close to being as cool as David Bowie. I mean, I knew D. B. was a great musician, but let's add this to the list: He did a great Andy Warhol.


Anonymous said...

1. Weirdly, i was just about to watch Downtown 81:

2. Did you see DB as Tesla in that magician movie last year? REally stole that show also... perfect casting.

3. I am going to send you a copy of another british comedy I am pretty sure you'll like... Armando Iannucci show. keep an eye for strange packages in the mail.

4. so warm today in scotland, i have the windows of my office open. oh.... yeah......

M. H. D. said...

S.A.! Great to hear from you. I must see Downtown 81. I do remember seeing D.B. in that magician movie, but it was the 2nd magician movie I had seen that week, so it was kind of hard for be to concentrate. All I could think about was J. Finch. Please do send me anything interesting. I will totally worship you. The weather here is quite cold. I made a phone call while walking to school yesterday, and my hand felt as though it was frozen in that position. Yikes.