Sunday, June 15, 2008

Respect the D.A.D.

I tried to call my dad for Father's Day, but then my mom reminded me that my dad is in Brazil right now. I sent him an email, but I'll have to admit that I did miss hearing his voice today.

Happy Father's Day, P.D. I hope you know how much we love you. Thanks for the good genes. Aside from those bumpy spots on the backs of my arms and that hiccuping thing, I really can't complain.

Is it still like this down in Brazil?

My Dad, in Brazil

I really love the look on my dad's face in this picture. What a handsome and cool guy.


Anonymous said...

he does look cool. he looks like a mix of steve martin and leo kottke.

Anonymous said...

apparently he gave you the big confidence genes!

pieofthemonth said...

dude. you stand just LIKE that! I don't think he you and he particularly look alike, but you REALLY look like you ARE alike. does that make sense?