Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Machine for Packing Cabbage

Every once in a while it's fun to see what searches have led people to check out the blog here. For example, today:

where search traffic comes from

  • "Brenna Lee Roth," I can understand that one, I guess I talked bad about her dad not showing up to Plan 9 that one time. What can I say, it was hugely disappointing. I hope when people google Brenna Lee Roth, they find out the truth.
  • "Jordan Catalano music" is really a treat, it's good to know that people still think of Jared Leto as what he truly was and in my mind always will be: the dreamy grunge dude from My So-Called Life. P.S., his real-life band is still about the worst thing ever.
  • "Curly fingernails." Also an honor. Those things are creepy!
  • "Really good palindromes" is the very first hit on Google! My classmates from 10th grade math class would be so proud of me. We used to rock some serious palindromes. Cecily Edwards, Ursula Eagly, Francisco Cutter, if you find this while you are ego-surfing one day (you all have incredibly googleable [maiden] names), then this one's for you!
  • The Xuxa one is not really that noteworthy, since it's a site-specific search, but is still pretty cool, I guess. I never really really wrote about Xuxa relating to Christmas songs, but I will now: Xuxa Christmas, Xuxa Christmas, Xuxa Christmas, Xuxa Christmas, Xuxa Christmas!
  • But the one I am most proud of is "machine for packing cabbage hesser." This one came up because a while back I wrote about my math teacher, the resourceful and mathematically talented Mr. Hesser. I can only hope that he has invented a machine for packing cabbage, and while ego-surfing for sweet hits about his invention he came across my little blurb about how I was reminded of his math teaching while watching an interview with Stephen Colbert. Congratulations, Mr. Hesser, your cabbage packing machine has truly revolutionized the cabbage packing industry!

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