Monday, December 24, 2007

A Movie So Full of Family Awkwardness I Had to Watch it in Two Parts

So I finally saw the second half of The Family Stone. I had watched about half of it during pizza break at band practice a few weeks ago. When I was at the video store with my mom, I decided to pick it up so that I could see how things ended up. I guess what I really noticed is that you never really get to know Claire Danes' character like you want to (I felt this way throughout the My So-Called Life series as well though, so maybe it's just me). And it seemed weird that she ended up with that one guy because he seemed like kind of a chaz. I mean, yeah, he did say that he wanted to go back to that monastery and stuff, but still, even like Steven Segal and dudes like that say that they want to go to monasteries. Jared said that he was at one point really attracted to Amy from this movie. I mean, she did wear a Dinosaur Jr shirt. But that EMT guy didn't really seem like her type. I wanted her to be with someone cooler, like Luke Wilson, but he was her brother, so that's a no-go, huh. I guess what I really wondered was how Luke Wilson could fall for that gross woman from Sex in the City like he did. Yeah, I mean she did let loose once she had some booze in her, but she still just seemed a little too lame for him. In the end everything is cool, I guess. That's supposed to be the main theme of the movie. Everything works out, everything is cool. For me, the main theme of the movie was "can't that person do better?" Maybe I am missing the point entirely.

One thing that I thought was funny was that when we were watching it at band practice, someone said that you could tell that the mom was liberal because she had those Liberal Mom Glasses. Those are totally the glasses my mom has. I talked politics a little bit with my mom yesterday. She said that she is pushing for Obama. She said she just doesn't really like Hillary. Just doesn't like her. She also jokingly added "and plus, Oprah likes Obama." Hmmm. Just how kidding was she?


Anonymous said...

dude, i totally feel you on sarah jessica parker being kind of gross....she must have laced his magical brownies with some kind of evil love potion or something.
p.s. this blog post inspired me to make a picture. you can find it at .

Shannon said...

The grossest thing about her is the creepy veiny man-hands. Uch.