Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No, I Really Don't Think So

Saw this at the store the other day.

Um, No

I wonder how many kids are crying this morning because their parents followed this wacko suggestion.

Hannah Montana fashion dolls are gone. How about some MOON SHOES?

So kids are crying. Not so much because they got Moon Shoes instead of a fashion doll, but because they just realized that their parents are idiots.




Anonymous said...

Don't they just mean that they are priced similarly or something? Thus a good substitute...Or that maybe this Montana girl uses moonboots?

jared said...

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one???

But I reckon that those moon boots don't look any more silly than those hairy bigfoot boots that the girls wear nowadays.

Either way, if someone gave me flash cards instead of a gameboy because the man told them to, I would be pretty disappointed.

Shannon said...

What a smart parent does is go into a blind panic and buy twenty more toys that their child might like in the hopes that copious amounts of loot might make said child forget they ever wanted a Hannah Montana Fashion Doll. Or a Mega Blocks Pirate Ship. And sometimes this actually works.

Not that I speak from experience.