Monday, March 10, 2008

I Hereby Coin the Term "Googlooping"

Googlooping: When you notice traffic from unexpected search terms to your site and then turn around and intentionally create content about these weird search terms to further trick Google into thinking you are relevant to this search term. And who knows, maybe by writing about it, you might actually become relevant to those search terms.

For example, on my Feedburner stats, it tells me that people come here looking for images of Flea's stuffed animal pants. Or stuff about Brenna Lee Roth, Indian long fingernails, and of course "Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi." There are also quite a few hits for "redheaded twins" which is kind of creepy. By writing about these phrases, I am further increasing my Googleability for these phrases, even though they really don't have anything to do with my site. This creates loops of relevance, sort of giving people what they want, Googlooping my way up the ranks.

Recently I was told of a guy who blogged about needing an "appendix of jokes" that he had told to his friends so that he wouldn't tell the same joke twice. He started to notice that he was getting a lot of hits from searches for "appendix jokes," and so he decided to give the people what they want and to go ahead and post a bunch of jokes about appendixes. Now I am told that he is a major player on the internet appendix joke scene. It's an internet success story, thanks to Googlooping.

For now, this seems to work, but I suspect as the internet gets smarter, this will be harder to pull off. Googlooping. Seriously, try it, it works. You heard it from me, the internet authority on stuffed animal pants, Hesser machines for packing cabbage, amazing palindromes,, and also stuffed animal pants.

Giving the people what they want.


Kino said...

dude, copyright that ish and sell it to wired. seriously funny stuff.

Damian said...

Thanks for the pub.

Let's see what we can do about googlooping that term and linking back to your site.

Man, this internet stuff is from the future.

Damian said...

So you have been at stately Dayton manor (split-level).

Ben's installation when complete was pretty impressive. Titled "Bricolage" it was a hearty roommate, and it had a tunnel going through it as well. you can see it over on his old blog:

here is the thing: the sticks weren't glued together, it was all hand joinery.

It's now in a pile in the back yard.

Damian said...

I am still getting hits from this link, just wanted to report that I am now the #1 hit on BING AND Goooogle for Appendix Jokes.

here's the thing: Still don't have any good apendix jokes.