Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Misunderstanding at Kroger

So I was at the grocery store last night and I saw Riley there. I said "Hey" and he said "Oh hey. I was just earlier reading your Japan blog," referring to the Make thing, I guess. I replied "Oh, yeah, I have fun doing that" and then he said "Uh, ok, I will."

I realized that he must have missed the "I" in my sentence, and thought that I had said "have fun doing that" like, as if to say "have fun reading the stuff that I wrote" which I'm sure sounded totally vain and stupid. It all happened too fast, and as soon as I realized that he had not understood what I said, he was like "well I gotta go get some rice" and that was it.

This was over by where the Mexican and Asian products are, near the produce. It's a good place to get rice. Mexicans and Asians, they both love that stuff.

The puzzling nature of this event lingered with me until a few minutes later, when I turned a corner in the cereal aisle and saw Jared. He told me that certain types of cheese (both shredded and in blocks) were on sale for 99 cents and showed me what he got. I told him about the misunderstanding I had just experienced, and he got a kick out of it and told me not to worry. Jared and Riley, they work at the same place, you see.

So Riley, if by chance you ever read this, I just want to say sorry. It was just a little misunderstanding, man. I'm not like that, I promise. It's so wild to think about what a difference one syllable can make.

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Lucy said...

CLASSIC. really!