Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Overhead Tomahawk - Epic Frisbee Golf Movie

I was involved in the making of Overhead Tomahawk, the world's worst/best/worst/only frisbee golf (or frolf, as Jane magazine calls it) movie.

Check it:

I'm not sure whether to apologize or feel an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Also, my installments of Made in Japan pt. 4 and pt. 5 have hit the streets over on the MAKE blog. Hide the children! This happens every week, so I might just make a little widget to put in the sidebar that automatically links to the updates instead of announcing it like a chump.

I'm off to Utah in a few hours. I got asked to give the closing prayer at the funeral. I hope I don't get prayer stage fright! In the meantime, I will keep you posted with lots of India-transcribed songblogs and maybe a few pictures of the stuffed animal pants that those Sean Hannity fans in Utah are known to wear (you get my insinuendo, don't you?)

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