Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Girl Think About What You Write B4 You Publish Stupid

I love the Indiana Daily Student, but yesterday I felt like the luckiest guy in the world because when I sat down to eat at the Union, someone had left some spot-on commentary about this article, scrawled on the side with what appears to be a dull #2 pencil. And no, the scan didn't get cut off, it actually ends with the word "stupid."


In case you haven't seen the video she's talking about (I know I hadn't!) it is here. Good thing I voted before I saw this video, otherwise I would have been totally confused into maybe not voting because of this video. Will I Am has a lot of pull in my life, you know.

Also from the IDS:

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Torlando said...

man eff forest whiticker, usher, jennifer aniston, kevin bacon's wife and that guy that was on the tv show unhappily ever after you know the one with the little puppet bunny in the basement and the show entourage, because they were my five friends and then they talked down to me! Life suuuugggghhhhccckkkksss!