Sunday, October 12, 2008

Whose Hummus?

Whose Hummus?


erin* said...

honestly, i understand this dude's frustration with the origins of things like hummus, etc. i'm not sure i would say hummus is *only* lebanese (though i'd like to claim it as the ambrosia of my people, and i *would* claim that tabbouleh and baba ghanouj are both lebanese. period.), but it *is* mediterranean in origin, and goes back a LOOOOONG way before the creation of modern israel.
dammit. this is another thing that is going to make me have a hard time talking about israel with people.
Hummus: not a (originally) israeli food.

noxidgerg said...

next thing you know the Lebanese and the Pennsylvania dutch will be in a disagreement over who originated Lebanon Bologna.