Friday, November 07, 2008

Beardo - I Was One of Them


Link to the video. I haven't watched it with sound yet, but I do remember getting a kick out of that fellow's haircuts. People were clearly torn between two feelings:

  1. I want to get my haircut by this famous indie rock singer.
  2. He is going to give me the worst haircut of my entire life.
It was pretty funny. The look on my face suggests that I am saying to myself "Oh geeez." I also appear to be kind of concerned. I look a lot like my dad in that one.

P.S. Whatever, Pitchfork is so vanilla.


Davor said...

Just think. There was a dude in a dark room. Maybe in his tighty whiteys. Putting together "Beardo." Possibly mildly intoxicated. Stringing together reaction shots. Saw yours.

"So money."

And there you are.

David said...

Nice beard mang. Grew my first real one this year...

David W. said...

I was just watching this-
"Hey I know that face!"
And I checked out your blog to see if there was a screen capture.