Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun Job

My job writing for the MAKE: Blog has been especially fun lately. They've got me writing about these kits from Gakken, a company in Japan that makes kits and other toys that are supposed to help you learn about science.

So the first thing I did was a write-up about their phonograph that records onto regular-ol' plastic cups. Check it:

You can read the whole thing here.

If anyone else happens to have one of these cup recorders out there, I would be interested in trading cup recordings with you. I'm getting pretty sick of these cups that are all just recordings of my own voice! I can only sing like an opera man for so long.

Also, I think I'll take this home for Thanksgiving, I'm sure my relatives would get a real kick out of this, and I'm sure they'd have some more interesting ideas for songs to sing besides "I've Been Working on the Railroad." Who knows, my mom might even spring for a fresh pack of plastic cups. So far I've just been taking cups from the IMU.

Anyway, they also sent me a vacuum tube radio kit and a tea-serving robot from Gakken, so I'll have to do those next. Yeah, my life is hard!


noxidgerg said...

Cool! I've heard that the Gakken SX-150 is pretty neato and have been interested in checking their stuff out.

sarah k. said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure your relatives will get a kick out of that. My dad might try to steal it, so take precautions.

Crystal said...

Have you tried different types of cups? That would be a good experiment. Also, I would like to find the recording range. You should sing a dynamic melody into it. If you need help, I'm game.

Lyndsey said...