Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Request to My Friends in Japan

Money is no object. Send me this:


Having been a huge fan of Pepsi Japan's previous genteihin* Pepsi Cucumber Ice, I realize that when it comes to stuff like this, even the ideas that sound the worst on paper are sometimes the best taste adventures. That being said, Pepsi and yogurt, why not? Bring it on.

* 限定品 - Limited-edition products. In Japan, they love to sell stuff for a while and then not sell it, all the while telling you they're only selling it for a while. It's like what McDonald's does with the McRib, but times twenty.

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Crystal said...

um. I need to try the cucumber. so hook that up. I bought some crazy mexican fruit ice pops recently that are cucumber and chili pepper. Refreshing!