Monday, October 01, 2007

Uno Requesto

A request to all the Japaneezies who read this:


Right? I want to try this. I am a sucker for cucumber beverages, and although it is a product of Pepsi (a Go-Bot soda company if there ever was one), I get the feeling Japan will do this right. This will hit Nippon streets on June 12th, but will only be available for a limited time. Please just go ahead and send a few bottles my way. You know my address, right?

Pepsi. Ice. Cucumber. Those words go together strangely. I am somewhat freaked out by how green it looks in the picture. Is that really necessary? Will that really make people feel like the beverage is more cucumbery? Also, this had better not taste at all like Pepsi. Could they be so dumb? I really hope not. I want to be impressed by this soda.

Also, speaking of beverages, I think I am really close to cracking the code of Bionade's secret recipe. As dedicated readers may recall, I have sung praises of this tart, not-so-sugary, fruity and fizzy fermented-yet-non-alcoholic German beverage in this blog in the past. Swell dude Matt Meehan even sent me some from Germany, and it was a huge hit at one of my Cranium Turbo parties (all one bottle of it). Well, it looks like it will finally be coming to the United States in '08, and according to this article in Time Magazine, I guess they have been busy enough to ignore my numerous fanboy emails asking to represent them here in the United States, because they have been selling millions of bottles of the stuff throughout Europe and now they are considering marketing their product through places like Starbucks here in the Tubby States. Whatever. Seriously, I think I am like a month away from cracking their secret process. If they hadn't gone on and on about how their fermentation process produces gluconic acid instead of alcohol, it might have been kind of hard to imagine how they were doing it. But, I mean, duh... What else can you think of that ferments and turns sugar into gluconic acid instead of alcohol? Right?

I will be in these cities on these days with this band. I am really excited about hitting the road again. It will be a lot of fun. I went to Dollar Tree and bought six copies of a Rosie O'Donnell book today for our tour book club (Mike A's idea, brilliant). Should be a good one. There were still a bunch left when I went today, if you would like to read along with us. It's called "Find Me" and we are hoping that as we read it we might even find ourselves out there on the open road.


Anybody in Louisville/Lexington, KY want to help with a show there? If not, we'll just go home early, no big whoop. That just means more time to snuggle up with these:

Find Me

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