Sunday, January 11, 2009

Always In My Hair

dp6 grab

I got my new computer set up for recording, so I recorded a quick little ditty tonight. It's called "Always In My Hair."


It's good to have a fanless recording system going. Now instead of hearing the wheezing fan of a six-year-old computer in my recordings, you can just hear all the cars driving by on Rogers street. I hope this will improve my flow.


noxidgerg said...

nice job. keep up the good work!

Chris Foresman said...

What computer are you using that's fanless?

M. H. D. said...

Well, it has a fan, but it never comes on. It's one of the unibody MacBooks, but the only time I've had the fan come on was when I was squashing a movie with HandBrake. So yeah, "fanless" is not quite accurate.