Friday, January 23, 2009

Me Gusta This-a


It's from here.


Damian said...

that's pretty boss, and as a constant on-hand-drawer, I appropriated this concept on mine own hand.

Thanks for something that kept me "reverent" during church. It's amazing how many personal possessions you can fit on the back of yourn hand.

jax said...

Yep Damian, it is pretty boss :) my friend did it as one of her final pieces for an illustration degree. I'll pass on your sentiments to her.


Damian said...

I'd like to thank her for the inspiration. I did a pair of vans with such a design and I'd like to give her full credit and maybe a link.

You can see what I tried to do here:

I know, tacky self-promo and all that, moderate me if this is gauche,but I'dn't mind giving her full props.

M. H. D. said...


Looks good! I want a pair. The link you posted isn't quite right though, here's the real deal:

Damian said...

I will happily craft you some. Thanks for fixing the link.