Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"You Are So Much Bigger Than Me"

"Dude, you're so much bigger than me." Other men say that to me all the time... I believe this would be an appropriate time to insert the popular "LOLZ!" netspeak.

But seriously, I received this message today from my friend David, currently on a whirlwind jaunt through Europe promoting his new record.

so much bigger

You see, I played some bass/guitar/singing with him on his Daytrotter session, and the resultant artwork does sorta have my head about three times bigger than his, which I guess could be seen as a little strange seeing how it is kind of his thing, the artist name (DM Stith) sorta being his name and all. Plus I didn't even play or sing on one of the songs. Behold:


So yeah, check out MY band, DM Stith on Daytrotter. David, your humility will get you nowhere. But seriously, playing with a guy on a major label ;-) looks like it's going to be fun and full of exotic travels. I may make it to Australia before I'm 30 after all.

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