Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taunt Us With Memories of July

I made a song for the somewhat snowy day today. I almost didn't leave the house today because I didn't have to, and honestly, that might have been fine because I was working from home and had plenty to eat. My needs were being met just fine from inside. In the end, I went out, but it was cold enough to drive home the point of this icy-cold track. Bump it, party people.


the earth is surrounded in grey
pillows falling from the sky
soft, but turtleneck is strangling me
blankets were wrapped too tight
haul the heavy clouds and aerosol wings
taunt us with memories of July
steam our fingers with impossible leaks
see us, oh winter's glassy eyes


mike d adams said...

is this song about snuggies?

M. H. D. said...

Haha. Yes.

Celeste said...

Nice. I like it.

Celeste said...

By the way, my favorite snuggies character is the monk, sitting watching TV, and the little girl at the end who is being devoured by the snuggie.

Crystal said...

The thing about snuggies is that if you turn the sound off it looks like it could be a creepy sci-fi commercial about how to pass your time in the future where our lives depend on being wrapped in fleece.