Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Search for "Andrea Rosen WHAT!?!?"

So I was being my normally pathetic self and checking up on some search traffic sources for the ol' blog when I came upon the last result in this list:

andrea rosen boobs

At the top of the list, it's the usual suspects: Flea's stuffed animal pants, trumpet sheet music for "The Final Countdown," curly fingernails guy from India. The stuff that Googlooping gold is made of. But then WHAT?!?! Oh... there are some pervatrons out there, and apparently some of them (er, one of them) has the same celebrity crush that I do - The lovely and talented Andrea Rosen! And apparently this fellow would like to see her boobs. Well dude, sorry, but this is not the place for Andrea Rosen boobs. That would be here.

Anyway, then I got to thinking that I didn't really know what she was up to besides some new VH1 stuff. Was there some new boobs thing that came out that I didn't know about? So, I was looking at Ms. Rosen's IMDB entry like the total stalker that I am when I came across something that said that she was on an episode of "Flight of the Conchords" that aired just yesterday. Huh. A quick search on a shady-yet-dependable Swedish torrent site had me set up with said episode in no time, and away I went, waiting for her appearance, like a dude watching a downloaded premium channel TV show on a laptop.


There she is, looking as beautiful and clever as ever. Boom. She plays Caitlin Goodman, an ad exec who solicits the services of the Conchords for a jingle for a women's-only toothpaste called Femident. She is very professional, odd, and sassy in this role, and I must say, she really rocked it. Swoooon. Oh, Andrea... Why are you so famous, while I am so hopelessly weird and midwestern.


That being said, is it just me, or is this episode not really that funny? The cinematography is noticeably subject to a much larger budget (see Murray's musical number), and the production value definitely shows the signs of having some more money thrown at it, but does that kind of stuff really matter for a show like this?

Sometimes, people, they say to me "Why do you think she's such a babe?" or "She's not that great" or "I heard that her character on 'Stella' is actually how she acts in real life. Would you really want to deal with that?" Stuff like that. All I gotta say to those people is, whatever. Have you seen "VH1's 40 Greatest Pranks 2"? She is divine.


e. said...

wow! she looks totally hot in those glasses. she's kind of like the babe in that one billy idol video. it's ok, md. i see the appeal, fo sho.

pieofthemonth said...

there are new Flight of the Conchords?? where have I been?!