Friday, February 06, 2009

Frequently Used Words for Dismissing Disagreeable Music

Another thing about Mike Adams. One thing we often agree on is bands we don't like. Not that we're total haters, but I've noticed that we generally seem to share sensibilities when it comes to music that we find particularly disagreeable. Sometimes having a common negative interest can be fun!

On that note, here's a list of words and phrases that I use to swiftly dismiss the artists I don't like:

  • Sucky
  • Boring
  • Boring to the max
  • The emperor's new panties
  • Overrated
  • Pointless
  • Embarrassing
  • Okkervillian
  • Ewww!
  • Stop!
  • mehhhh
  • a bunch of Decemberistocrats
  • what's the point?
  • I guess I just don't "get it"
  • Now, remind me, why do people go ga-ga for this again?
  • There's only one possible explanation. They must be using The Secret.
  • Bringin' back the sounds of _____!
  • Record collector music
  • (band name) is on (formerly respected record label)?!?
  • it's basically adult contemporary
  • (brand of shoe worn by some of the members) rock
  • literate
  • too Brooklyn
  • too Pitchfork
  • too vanilla
  • too fixed-gear
  • trying too hard
  • fashion punk
  • deliberately freaky
  • they're basically a dance band
  • Mates of State-y
  • Dracula Weekday


Chris Foresman said...

Is Mates of State-y convenient shorthand for "musically insensitive vocal harmonies"?

Tinyfolk said...

I'm with you on the fun of hating. Meghan and I are pro haters. I think it's good fun just so long as I keep in mind that the reasons I hate something are usually just as arbitrary as the reasons to like something.

Tinyfolk said...

Also, I will defend most adult contemporary music over, say, Animal Collective anyday.