Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hamada Beach is Half Redundant

My roommate told me that the first part of this song sounds "Crispin Glover"y, meaning that it sounds like a circus. I guess I can see that. It more kind of reminds me of that circus-like song on Jeremy Enigk's solo record. I forget what it's called. There were some flutes, but I accidentally erased them, and by the time I noticed, it was like 12 undos ago. Oh well. I'll pute them back eventually, I just wish I could remember what the notes were. The circusiness It changes at about 1:49. The real triumph comes at about 3:00, when the "balls just go to the wall."

It's not entirely done, but I feel like it's enough to be mostly where it's going to be. I need a hi-hat stand. I've got the hi-hats. Anyone out there want to let me borrow a hi-hat stand? I know you do.


You like that pitch correction? I have a cold!

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Celeste said...

(Jeremy Enigk's solo project for sure- hit the nail on the head.) I really, really enjoyed this song. I listened to it 3 times.