Thursday, February 19, 2009

PDing Again

Finally got IAC (the thing on a Mac that lets you send MIDI to and from different applications) working, so I've been doing some PD work again, this time routing the MIDI output from PD to nicer sounds from other applications. As usual, it's generative stuff, a pedal tone and two higher tones. It gets pretty boring pretty quickly, so the next step is going to be to set up some coll objects and fill them with (human-generated!) note transitions so I can do some Markov stuff off of them. Then, I'll attempt something I haven't done very much at all yet - Doing probability-based rhythms for the notes (instead of just the drum-based stuff I've done already). I have it set up for on-the-fly key changes, but it's hard for me to find key transitions that sound good consistently, so I'll have to work on that too.

Listen to it do its own thing:


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noxidgerg said...

Very cool and elegant!