Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nerdgasm: Mini vMac for iPhone

Allow me to really geek out for just a minute.

Mini vMac for iPhone (jailbreak), it's a Mac Plus emulator that runs in the palm of your hand. I'm loving this. It is actually quite elegant. The icon for this application is a cute old little Mac, but get this, when you exit out while the virtual Mac is still running, the screen of the Mac in the icon shows a little miniature version of what your virtual Mac screen looks like. How cool is that? Hands down, the coolest icon trick yet. And this is a free, non-App Store program. Check it:
Extreme close-up:
My mind of course turns to this question: Anyone know where I can get a (very) primitive copy of Max that runs on something around OS 6 or 7? Did they ever even make it that far back, and at what point did the MSP (or FST, as it was originally called) come along? Since there is obviously no MIDI out, I'd have to coax a way for it to do its thing via some kind of primitive DSP. I will say though that the sound in this emulation is actually pretty impressive.

Mini vMac - iPhone

This geeks me out so deeply. I loooove emulation! I also like monochrome. And especially the early Mac, it reminds me of how special it felt when my dad took me into his work and let me mess around on MacDraw. This emulation even makes you load stuff up from "disks." Ohhh, so much fun!

P.S. There's also something very wild about the idea that the computer that I first marveled at as a child is now just another thing that I carry around on my cell phone. How weird!

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Crystal said...

My first computer was a commodore 64.