Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Song Dedicated to Myself

Here's a little tropical number I wrote for a guy named Mike Dixon. It's called "Note to Self." Hit it, João.

"This Week's Champion"


Jared Cheek said...


David said...

You moved quickly quickly into the tumblr -- show reflexes fast like wasp, sharp like kitten claw, bold like antelope, sly like Michael Anderson. You show great promise. Embrace this promise. Embrace it like the mertle embraces the supple hillside, like the scissors embrace the paper, like the molar embraces the carrot, like the leg brace em...braces the cripple.

Davor said...

You did a really good job on this song, Dixroid.* I like how direct the lyric is, and I can relate so much it hurts my back. You're as reliable as a Louisville Slugger.

*LOL at first I types "dixrod"

DYLAN said...

that song was exactly what i needed to hear. thanks, broski.

noxidgerg said...

Awesome! You should dedicate more songs to yourself like this :)