Sunday, September 17, 2006



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Roger L. Sieloff said...

you are recanting an old polynesian story about the rat and the octopus.

a rat fled a sinking ship and found himself swimming in the middle of the pacific ocean.

an octopus saw the helpless wretch, swam up and took the rat to shore.

the rat was happy to be saved, but was repulsed by the appearance of the octopus. As the rat ran onto the beach he called out,

"thank you for saving me. to repay my debt, I have left a token of my appreciation upon your head"

the octopus was then repulsed in turn by the rat's gift. to this day, the octopus will grab anything resembling a rat and attempt to drown it.

the polynesians use a cowerie shell and palm fibers to hunt octopus. the octopus attacks this due to the fact it resembles a crab, not necessarily a rat.

it still makes for a good fish story however...