Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rex and Fatty

Rex and Fatty

The above picture is taken from the clerk's office at my church, where I perform certain tasks every Sunday. When I was gone for a while last summer, one of the people I worked with, the amazing and talented Brian Stucki (the man makes a creme brulée that is TO DIE FOR), constructed this "shrine" to me with the only pictures he had at his disposal. He said that they missed me or something and wanted to feel my presence there in the office. I think the frame is really what makes this tribute so touching though. Wow. Anyway, it is still there, over a year later, a testament to the heartfelt effort that Brian Stucki put into this project. However, you may notice that there are moustaches crudely drawn on each of the pictures. It is believed that these moustaches were drawn by a saucy young Mormon named Rex Czuba who also has keys to the clerk's office because he sometimes makes church crossword puzzles in there on the computer and stuff like that. In fact, I think he actually admitted to drawing the moustaches at one point. To my face. Obviously, he is jealous that there is not a shrine for him in the office. Well Rex, you gotta earn that kind of respect. You see, here's the thing about Rex. He owns a sugar glider. A sugar glider? Yes, it is a marsupial that looks like this:

NCEA 2001 Sugar Glider_North Queensland_Australia

Rex's sugar glider is named Fatima, or Fatty for short. Thus, the title of this blog post. Rex lets Fatty climb around inside his shirt during church. You'll be talking to him and all of the sudden this thing will start bulging in his chest and you think that it's going to be like that part in the movie Alien where the alien jumps out of the dude's chest, and then you remember that it's just Fatty The Sugar Glider. And that's cool, that's fine. All I have to say is this: Rex, you may have the respect of your beloved sugar glider, but if you think that Fatty is going to make you your own shrine for the clerk's office, you better think again, homeboy. True.

If I post his number will you prank him?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Rex is my man!! And he's as awesome as he thinks he is! Don't hate on him.