Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mutant Eyebrow Hair: Sign of Pending Awesomeness?

My grandfather, Edward L. Hart, has some bushy eyebrows! He even has to comb them, or he would get the grandkids to do it for him, which was certainly a thrill for us back in the day. This year, I have noticed one (1) eyebrow hair that is growing exceptionally long, and that it is of a different, tougher consistency than the rest of my eyebrow hairs (blog about the solitary pubic hair that grew in the middle of my leg when I was 17 forthcoming). This rogue eyebrow hair kind of sticks out, and it makes me want to pull on it, which may just end up making it longer.

At its longest, it looks like this:


Do you see it?

Mutant Eyebrow

Am I on my way to a bushy pair of grandpa eyebrows? Should I start trimming them? Or should I start combing them? Are eyebrow hairs, like the gene for baldness, also determined by your mother's father? Thing is, I think I could be into it. I think I could pull it off. Or, I could pull it out. Yeah.

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