Sunday, September 17, 2006

How I Spent $6.13 at Subway

...without even getting a footlong.
The answer: side items.

One 6" veggie delight with everything except jalapeño peppers. On the Italian herb and cheese bread. Spicy mustard, chipotle sauce, and some mayonnaise. Are you envisioning this sandwich?

One medium drink. Dr. Pepper, plenty of ice for chewing (I heard that chewing ice was like a sign of sexual frustration or something). One bag of KC Masterpiece chips (I heard Andre 3000 eats those because they are vegan). There is a reason for everything.

But here's what pushed me well over the $5 mark: for some reason, I wanted cookies. Ideally, I would have bought two of them, but it was a better deal to get three, so I just went ahead and did it. It was that third cookie that really did me in. Two of them were macadamia white chocolate, the other was chocolate chocolate chip. They were soft and good, but I would have enjoyed the third cookie way more if I had waited about an hour. I really learned my lesson.

From now on, I will not spend more than $3 at Subway for a long time, I promise.

Sue Anne, if you read this, I apologize in advance. I know this comes as quite a disappointment to you.

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