Sunday, September 17, 2006

New PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche

On a completely unrelated note, my week off of MySpace is over. It was great! I feel way better, as if I had been hanging out with Yoda on my shoulder all week or something. I helped old ladies across the street, and I used my new-found free time to work on my disc golf game and record my hit new album, Cookie Dough Planet. However, Im sure you can imagine my anticipation when I finally logged in after a week. I had 27 unread messages, a bunch of blog comments to approve and not approve, and a bunch of friend requests from people who I dont really know. Basically, it was like the crappiness of the average persons daily MySpace check-in, but times seven. I am only sort of kidding. The highlights of my check-in were the new comment from Half-handed Cloud and the Melt Banana hamburger YouTube from Chris Caruthers (keep the YouTubes coming, big guy!) My therapist was proud of me for not cheating, and she even added me as a friend! Thanks Dr. Shaw! You rock! I am totally leaving you a picture comment. Will I continue to check MySpace only once a week? Probably not. But I think I am going to be too busy working my upper body to be keeping up with the awesome MySpace survey bulletins that my friends post. BUT, dont think that just because I am not on the 'Space that much anymore means that you can take me out of your top 8, because if I find out you have, I will probably have to ignore you at the My Chemical Romance show.

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