Sunday, September 17, 2006

Prison Break + Utah = ?

I knew that it was just a matter of time. The combination of two of my favorite things: References to Mormonism on TV, and terrible, yet addictive cliffhanger-laden TV (Fox's Prison Break). On Monday, Sept. 11th, 2006, these two worlds collided in rare form.

Check it.

Because the millions of dollars of hidden money is buried in Utah, many of the Prison Break escapees are on their way out there. So, gangsta-wannabee David Apolskis, aka "Tweener" faked being a college student to get a ride to Utah with some college girl from the east coast who happens to be a Utah native who unsuspectingly posted something on the ride board saying she was looking for someone to share the drive with (she also happens to drive a Yaris, proud sponsor of the program). She of course seems freaked out by the fact that he is obviously not pulling off faking being a college student at all, and in addition to realizing that he is probably one of America's most wanted (it's like, all over the papers and the news), seems to be on the phone trying to turn him in every chance she gets. In a strange twist, however, Apolskis abandons thinking about the money in Utah to try and "holler at" this college girl from Utah (whose name I am too lazy to look up) while they are sharing a hotel room together.
Here is how it went down:

"Yo check it. I know this might be a little forward and all, but um, lemme aks you somethin'. You got a man? I mean, a boyfriend."


(girl smirks, rolls eyes)


"Oh what am I thinking, you're Mormon, you guys..."

"I'm not Mormon. You think all girls from Utah are Mormons?" (shakes her head as if to say "You are such a 're-re.'")


"They are, aren't they?"

(girl walks into the bathroom and and shuts the door in disgust)

"Whoa, hey, then you can PARTY, right? Hey!"
(girl locks bathroom door)


Now, this would look bad for David "Tweener" Apolskis, (a dude who certainly hasn't had the company of a woman for quite a while), except that in the preview for next week, you see clips of them get drunk together and apparently even getting a little bit fresh with each other. Does this girl love the bad boys? Hmmm. What will happen?

I will definitely keep you posted.


Foreshadowning? An apparent glimmer of interest in her eyes, although she appears to be faking it. Could it be real though?

So, while it is only a brief allusion to Mormonism, I thought it was pretty funny. Does this mean that she now feels the need to prove just how NOT Mormon she really is? Does anyone at all think that David Apolskis is attractive? It's hard for him (or anyone else for that matter) to seem attractive when that dreamy Michael Schofield constantly steals the show!

I have to go watch Big Love now.

Stupid TV blogs are back!


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