Sunday, September 17, 2006

Woman A (sings) “He’s married!” Woman B (also singing) “So were we once!”


My favorite parts of Mr. Mom:

The part described in the title of this blog.

The part when he washes the clothes in the washer and he pours a bunch of nails in the washer with the clothes.

The part when he intentionally throws that weird race so that his wife's boss (man, he was a super jerk, wasn't he?) won't get mad at him.

The part when he gives the kid the bath while the kid is still wearing slippers.

The part when he fights the vacuum cleaner that ate his son's Woobie.

The part when the TV repair lady says "You feed your baby chili?!"

The part when he heats up his sons grilled cheese sandwich with the iron.

The part when the lady at the grocery store gets on the intercom for a price check on some tampons and then Jack gets all embarrassed and grabs the mic and says to cancel it.

The part when the crossing guard yells "North to drop off, South to pick up, moron!" at Jack. And the kids are all like "Dad, youre doing it wrong" and then Jack is like "No kids, this is the Jack Butler method." I think that part is quite funny.

Also that one part when gender roles are given the old switch-a-roo with wacky results. That part is really something else.

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Life, or Something Like It said...

a classic. my dad was the real in the 70's. raised me and my brother alone. the stories i could tell....