Monday, October 01, 2007

Lotsa Shirts

160 shirts

Thanks to the Indiana Daily Student, I now know that a former IU student recently set the world's record for the most shirts worn at the same time, apparently beating out this guy by five shirts (but how many of them were Big Dog brand shirts like this guy? That should count for extra, right BPR?) And he did it in the Frangipani room at the Indiana Memorial Union! My parents, when they came to my graduation, they could not stop talking about how the word "Frangipana" (conveniently rhymes with Gloriana) appears in the IU Fight Song (yes, they sing it at graduation). You could say that Paul and Barbara "really got a kick out of it." They really just would not stop bringing it up.

Anyway, this guy, he was wearing something like 160 shirts. I saw a picture of it, it was crazy. You see, these are the kinds of world's records that I like. You don't have to totally ruin your life to do it (like that guy from India with the really long, curly fingernails), and yet it takes a certain amount of kookiness to think of doing it in the first place, and then a surprising amount of persistence, organization, and (dare I say it?) pizazz to actually pull it off.

A while back I read this article about how people in Malaysia love to set world's records. They might even have the record for setting the most records. It turns out this world record breaking is representative of their desire to achieve as a nation. Pretty cool, huh? What does this shirt thing represent for the United States? Why do Americans do dumb stuff like this? I ask myself this sometimes.

But so anyway, this shirt thing, it is a good world's record because it starts off easy but eventually reaches the level of ludicrosity. Like, it looked like this guy couldn't even move his arms. What's strange is that he looked like one of my least favorite people in the Guinness Book of World's Records, the fat twin riding the motorcycle on the right. It's the fellow on the right who really riles me. Not so much the guy on the left, Billy, but his brother, Benny McCrary. We've all grown up looking at this picture, but did you ever really look at this picture? One twin brother is clearly the jerk of the two. He just has this hell-bent expression on his face. It's absolutely terrifying.

As soon as I saw this picture of the guy wearing 160 shirts, all I could think was "Well, that's cool and all, but it would be way better if he was wearing 160 pairs of sweatpants." Right? Can you imagine? Seeing someone fall down because they can't move their legs because they are wearing 160 pairs of sweatpants? That to me is a world's record worth setting. I get antsy when I am wearing one layer of polypro's under my pants, I can't even imagine the olympian training and endurance that would be required to accomodate 160 layers of anything. These are the world's records that I like. Help me think of some more.

Here's some sheet music to help you think:


P.S. Everyone in the world has probably seen this already, but in case you missed it, check out the "I'm Blogging" video. What might this man be blogging about with such fervor? Seriously though, "blog" is such a ridiculous word. When I hear the word "blogger" all I can think about is a guy getting hit in the head with one of those squeaking mallets made for toddlers. And that is FUNNY!

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