Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We Have a Weiner

Congratulations to Mike Bridavsky for being the first to successfully answer the jean jacket photo challenge.

A Real Winner
(There is something very creepy about the way his hand is gripping this Skor bar)

I promptly awarded him his prize at the Circle-K by the Art Hospital on the night of the Tara Jane O'Neil show. He even shared a piece of his "score" with me! What a guy. It just goes to show that reading blogs and knowing random trivia really can pay off sometimes.

The answer?

Cliff Burton, deceased bassist of Metallica. Cliff Burton is commonly known as "The only guy on earth capable of taking assholes like James Hetfileld and Lars Ulrich and somehow making awesome music with them." Is it any mystery as to why the band started to suck as soon as he was gone? (He was still in the band when they wrote And Justice for All, so don't pull that rhetoric on me). Cliff would have NEVER put up with that ass-clown Bob Rock and he certainly would not have stood for Performance Coach Phil. His death signified the end of the band that I consider to be Metallica.

Mike Gets Nerdy: Listening to the parts that Cliff wrote for Metallica make it apparent that this guy had a musical vision that extended far beyond the metal genre. He was a composer of great depth (an almost "deep" depth, if you will), and he proudly wore bell bottoms until the day he died. Concidentally, Mike B. pointed out to me that my blog post was made exactly 20 years and ONE DAY after the day that Cliff Burton died. Weird, huh? I guess that means it's time to go listen to Orion, dude.


Honorable mention goes to Luke Shumard, who answered correctly, but unfortunately a bit too late. Luke will, however, be featured in an upcoming entry about our trip to the Cereal Barn, so that is something to look forward to!

Sort-of-honorable mention goes to the young lady who thought that maybe it might be Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. While Flea certainly is a bassist who often dares to go above the 12th fret, the fact that the person in the picture appeared to be wearing a shirt made her retract her answer. Another clue was that the bassist in the picture did not appear to be wearing pants made out of stuffed animals. Good call!

Just to review,

stuffed animal pants
(Why, oh why was it so hard to find a picture on the internet of Flea wearing stuffed animal pants? I had to do a screenshot of a YouTube video of RHCP performing in Holland to make this picture. This time, the interweb has really failed me. If anyone can find a better picture of Flea in his stuffed animal pants, please please let me know.)

Cliff Burton:
(Look at how cool he looks in those bellbottoms. I am convinced that had he escaped death that day, the bellbottom revival would have happened at least 5-6 years earlier.)

i mean, whatever, they all suck compared to Geddy Lee, right?

On a related note, my sister Liz correctly solved the Isaiah 52 picture quiz, although she refuses to join MySpace (why?!?! right?!?! can you imagine?!?!?) because she is a high school teacher (at the high school that all of the Dixon children attended, nonetheless), and she is afraid her students will find out what kind of movies she likes, her love for the music of the Barenaked Ladies, and stuff like that.

She wrote:
Subject: I want to solve the puzzle.
Hi Mike. Michelle recently suggested that I check out your myspace profile. I don't want to join myspace cuz HELLO! I'm a teacher and my students would probably find me and stalk me, but I want to solve your picture thing about Isaiah 52.
"ANSWER WITHHELD BECAUSE I STILL WANT TO BELIEVE THAT SOMEBODY OUT THERE IS CAPABLE OF GETTING THIS ONE" That was so cool when you and Dan Provonsha used to collaborate before sunday school!

Is there a genetic reason why the only person who can answer this is from my family?

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