Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Are you a local artisan, with high quality, Medieval-themed crafts for sale? Let's talk!!

In case you didn't get this friend request yourself (I did! am I special?), here is the reference to Bloomington's newest premiere medieval knife source, Medieval Metal. At first I thought it was going to be a band, you know, a band that plays medieval metal, but this is way better. How did they know to add me? They must have a really smart MySpace AddBot, because I try to keep my love for this kind of stuff pretty secret.

Anyway, for those Bloomingtonians old-school enough to remember, the Dragon's Claw was a place next to Shanti (where Esan Thai is now located, can you believe it?) circa 2001 that sold fantasy gear of all varieties. I kind of miss going in there. I always thought that they had a pretty sweet knife collection, but I thought that the knife part was kind of downplayed by all the other chainmail, pewter figurines, crystal wizard amulet talismans, and the weird kid playing gameboy in the corner. Finally! Finally!


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