Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Participated


"That's soooo 2006!"

I participated in a podcast with Kristin Peach. It's called The Fine Art of Doing.

You should check it out, especially the first "episode" (the one that's an .m4a <-that stands for Mostly 4 Awesome) because it's got special picture slideshow action, and because it will help you feel more confident, if that's what you need (I know I did). In this podcast, we vow to post stories, motivational slideshows, Reading Rainbow-style book reports, and other "funny" stuff.

You're probably just going to want to go ahead and subscribe, because there is some pretty next-level stuff on the horizon (for those of you who listen to WIUX, we will be doing a parody ad soon [if you know what that is, you REALLY know what that is, and you probably aren't racist anymore]), and plus, you don't want to hurt my feelings, do you? I am so tender right now!

Anyway, just go to and get the goods. If you use iTunes, then click the "subscribe with iTunes" thingy and then you will be totally 2007'd. There are other ways to get this stuff too, including this thing called "download," an RSS feed, and this other technology where they send you a microcassette attached to a pigeon. it's all there on the website thing. Even a caveman could do it. <-Also so 2006.

The world is going to be sooooooo sick of my stupid voice.

Your friend,


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