Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Open Apology to the Monroe County Public Library

In an attempt to rectify the many wrongs in my life, I offer the following aplogy to the Monroe County Public Library:

Having misplaced two DVDs of James Burke's Connections in the summer of 2005, I have been afraid to return to the Monroe County Public Library. Not feeling worthy to enter the library has been a source of a lot of consternation for me. It was not until one month ago that I had the courage to return to the library, and when I did I was treated to a choice encounter with the notorious ex-magician Jonathan Finch, which could be seen as a reward of sorts. I always felt like they would somehow know that I was the guy who lost the Connections DVDs. Although it is not that high-tech, I guess I worry a lot about strange things sometimes.

I plan to pay back the replacement fees for the Connections DVDs. I really do. I am not sure how, and I am not sure when, but I promise I will someday make things better. What pains me the most is that people are not learning about science, history, and the many CONNECTIONS between the two through these DVDs.

For example, here James Burke explains how the invention of the Thermos led to the development of rocket propulsion. Fascinating!

james burke

Someday, I will be restored to the full privelages of the Monroe County Public Library and I will be able to enter its doors with a clear conscience. Thank you James Burke for teaching me about science. The world we live in is changing so fast, and it is good that someone has stopped to explain how all this stuff has come about, and how the crazy result of all these strange concepts being stacked onto each other so miraculously. At least, let's hope it is a miracle. A miracle, all these connections.

Currently, guilt is my connection to the Monroe County Public Library. That is going to change. I am so so so sorry.

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