Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Critique My Shopping Trip

Am I getting enough potassium? Will I die from sodium overload, or from the diabetes, or from cilantro elbow? Am I paying too much for cream cheese? Please advise.

Popeye Spinach. I am so glad you are back in my life, you strong man. $1.99

Parsley and Cilantro. I bought both. No carrots. They jumped into the picture at the last minute, so I was like whatever. $0.99 and $0.49

$7 bag of almonds. I usually don't buy anything at the grocery store that is over $5, but I have been so good this week and I really deserve it. And hopefully it will last like two weeks.

Silk Nog. I didn't buy any, this is just foreshadowing for this thing I am doing in the future.

I did buy this though. Not the dented one. $3.49

Purchased! $1.99

Mild pepper rings. Why not? I think I'm pregnant. $2.19

Didn't buy. But these are LEGO Eggos. It's 2006. Why did this not happen sooner?

Jacket. In the frozen food aisle. Didn't buy. Do they put these there because they think people will get cold and then need to buy a jacket? Almost worked for me. NOT!

Tapioca. Didn't buy. Already have!

Yeah. I will be making pudding pops with these. It seemed cheap. Maybe I will start packing little lunches for myself now. Little lunches! Requires no refrigeration. Shouldn't it though? Should I be scared? $0.95

One box. I was raised on unsweetened generic cereal. That's just how I am. $2.00

My house has a dishwasher now, so I guess I need to buy this stuff. Will my dishes taste lemony? $1.97

Kroger refrigerated pickles. I usually buy these every week, but they didn't have any spears, just whole pickles and slices. What's up with that, Kroger?

Heuvos Dixoncheros. It freaks me out how cheap eggs are. $0.88

Pickle chips. A weekly purchase. Is sunflower oil better? Am I supposed to be impressed or something?

Indiana Mustard. I didn't buy.

Sparkling Water. For my creative sparkling drinks. $0.59

Affordable feta cheese. When I went to Aldi in Spain, I was impressed by their cheap horchata and feta cheese. I was also impressed by the fact that Aldi is not synonymous with trashy like it is here. The United States is on the verge of enjoying the blessing of cheap feta. Now where is the horchata, gringos? $1.99

Cream cheese. It's good for you. $1.13

Didn't buy, but wanted to. If you look at this picture from far off, it looks like chicken.

The glorious smell of the coffee aisle.

I usually try to buy something from the kosher section, but I just could not find anything I wanted.

I know that Orbit is an asshole gum, but I like it. I'm a sucker for the lemon flavored products. Just look at my toothpaste. $2.39

I bought one and got one free. It's not really German though. $1.64

I buy them because I know I will eat them. I know I will eat them because they are absolutely delicious. $3.09

Not pictured: one avocado. $1.25

Total price: $40.47
Total number of items sold: 21

I saved $5.66 with my Kroger Plus Card!

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