Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Really Good Ideas From My Youth, pt 1

An electric guitar prototype sketch, taken from my 9th grade assignment book. Probably drawn when I should have been studying biology or something like that.

If you thought that double-neck guitars were cool, then czech this out! Here we have the really cool Steinberger-style guitar body, but with four guitars joined together in holy matrimony by attaching the neck of one guitar to the body of the next. Note that one of the guitars is fretless. each guitar features a humbucker as well as a single-coil pickup, probably by EMG. I can't remember what I was thinking when I drew this. There is practically no conceivable reason why this guitar would ever need to exist, and maybe that's why I drew it. I never really figured out how the strap situation would work for this guitar, so any ideas for that would be appreciated. I would prefer something that lets the guitarist swing between guitars as he is playing. I think it could be arranged, with the proper imagineering.

best guitar idea

Our pasts are not embarrassing! Our pasts are clues to who we are now and the people we will someday become. Floyd Coates taught me this principle.

P.S. Steve Albini In Utero Mixes

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