Monday, October 01, 2007

Don't You Worry

It's weird, some people have been writing me to ask if I am ok because they haven't seen any new blogs from me recently. That's the thing. The less time I am spending on this, the more time I am doing other stuff that is probably more interesting or productive. Less blogs = more real good in life. Funny how that works, I know. But, what the heck, here's a little update on what is going on in my life.

I am in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It feels great. It's weird that it takes leaving Indiana and everything associated with it and going to a tropical island to make that happen, but so what, because it is SPRING BREAK.

I think that the whole Puerto Rico thing is best summed up by this essay that I found, written by Sam Graves, 4th grade.


I'm sure you are all wondering since you read the title is Puerto Rico American. In some ways yes, in some ways no. First off, the main thing you might notice is that the people there speak Spanish. That seems pretty not American. But, they are not really like a state, they are more like an island that uses American money and watches American movies. Compared to Mexico, for example, they drive nicer cars, and it seems to stink less than there. And the people are really nice. Puerto Rico means rich port in Spanish, and compared to the rest of places where they speak Spanish it is the richest place, island or country. But compared to the United States, it is actually the poorest state, if it were a state at all. When I heard that I thought it was weird because everyone has nicer cars than in Indianapolis. There aren't junky cars really in Puerto Rico. So what else is American about Puerto Rico? They are allowed to join our Army, and my friend's brother told me that a bunch of them do, and he knows because he is in it too. Their flag has the same colors as the US flag. They can go to anywhere they want in the United States and live there. What makes me wonder is that they have their own girl for the Miss Universe. She is different from the United States both in looks and in style, so maybe that is why she is not with the United States. What are Puerto Ricans? They are kind of like a cross between black people and Mexicans and then sometimes they look Jewish too, some of them. Also, the drinking age is 18 there (it is 21 here), and that is not the same as the US, but maybe that is because they produce the world's rum and need to make sure that it does not go to waste! If you go to Puerto Rico you would probably be surprised by how different it is, but you would also probably see things that are familiar, like KFC and Walgreen's pharmacies, and George Washington on the money, or the one dollar bills anyway. Also, Cingular phones work just like regular there. I don't know though, because they don't really have any football teams, so I kind of want to say no, they are not America. But I think they can stay with us because they are an example to other Spanish countries.


There are pictures here of my travels.

Good and tired, feeling lucky (or more precisely, blessed),


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