Monday, October 01, 2007

You Play The Drums And I Will Play The Trumpet


Sorry for the s-word, but nothing else really seemed right there.

Speaking of songs from your world, when I was in Brooklyn a few weeks ago I was hanging out with old friend Rob Smith and he played me these songs that we recorded together at our house with J-Bo on bass back on '01. For some reason, I never retained a copy of this stuff (I think I didn't think it was that good at the time), so when I heard it again after all those years, it was a complete surprise to me. Apparently back then we had the time and resources to record almost whole albums that we would never play for anybody else. I hear it now and am reminded of good times hanging out with supportive friends. I remember graduating from college and having a big world ahead of me, thinking that what was going on where we were on the planet was pretty alright. Even if it's not great, it would be ours, and it could be theirs. And chances are it won't be completely terrible, right?

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