Monday, October 01, 2007

Tay Zonday - Chocolate Rain

Every once in a while there is a song that will get into my head and it seeps into my consciousness at the most fundamental cognitive level possible, leaving me helplessly trying to exorcise it from my brain by singing it as much as possible. Well, it has happened again, and this time it is the song "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday. I first heard of this because Moses, one of the guys I am touring with (the other day this girl was like, "look dude, why don't you go back to building your ark or whatever" and it was totally precious), he claims that he went to high school with Tay Zonday (although he says that Tay Zonday is actually not his real name. Catchy stage name? Hmm....). Check it, only if are ok with singing "chocolate raaaaain" every few minutes for the next couple of days:

You see what I mean? Wow. In case you didn't get it, he moves away from the microphone when he breathes. People have described him as a William Hung but with talent. He is shameless in the same way, but he can actually sing (and tickle the ivories too, snap!).

Today we are in Cambridge, MA. It turns out Noam Chomsky does not have office hours today. It's a bummer because we had some homework questions for him. It might have looked something like this. I don't know what it is, but there's something about hanging out with probably the smartest dude on the planet that would make me act like a 6-year-old trying to get attention when his parents have had guests over for dinner.

Next it's off to the big city for big adventures and big fashion. Williamsburg, here we come. Have your hipster hats ready. My khakis are coming to get you.

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