Monday, October 01, 2007

Caveman Movie Review: Factory Girl

Rich girl moves to big city, wants to meet Andy Warhol.
She meets Andy Warhol, he things she's stunning.
They hang out, she gets famous.
They do fabulous stuff like all the time.
She meets Bob Dylan, they make out, he drives motorcycle into lake.
Things start to be not-so-fabulous with Andy – gay, but jealous.
Bob Dylan marries other girl, Andy rubs it in her face.
Bob Dylan looks like Dylan from 90210 - Coincidence?
Nico is cooler now.
Girl loses all her money, is addicted to drugs, isn't so pretty anymore.
She ODs, Andy is like "whatever."
I kinda wanted to punch him.
But his mom seemed really cool.
Jimmy Fallon is in this.

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