Monday, October 01, 2007

Purikura Adventures


As a young missionary in Japan I had the opportunity to pose for a few (hundred) "Print Club" or "Purikura" photo booth sticker pictures. I can't believe my hair in these. And those glasses, oh those huge glasses. No wonder I was so famous in Japan.

In an act of weird, almost-turning-30, late-night inspiration, I will now Google search all of my mission companions. Some names are more Googleable than others, but here goes:

My mission companions: Where are they now? A Google surprise!

Scott Keister Fellow Hoosier, and the guy who introduced me to Tommy Boy. Now he appears to be an Intermountain Youth Red Head Coach, not really sure what that is, but it appears to involve going on gondola rides. Awesome! Love ya, Keister! Yes, it really is pronounced that way.

Daniel C. Lorenzen He is a lawyer now. Such a smart dude. The "C" in his middle name stands for Carl, and he was always ashamed of that for some reason.

Arthur Hidefumi Hoki (couldn't find anything, man, I would totally like to know though, because this guy was hilarious)

Moku Ka'aloa Is a photographer in Hawaii. Click on "Philosophy" to see him. I really enjoyed working with him.

Minekazu Takayama (nothing, this is a pretty common Japanese name. But I swear, I saw him walking down the street in Tokyo two summers ago.)

Jeremy Kerr Biology professor? Linux guy? Not sure. Maybe neither.

Aaron "Kubiak" Anderson (Too normal of a name, sorry he is unGoogleable. I've talked with him on the phone recently. What a sweet, sweet dude. I am blessed to know him.)

Michael Reall (might be a professor at the University of Idaho, might be a stake president in Missouri. Actually, he appears to be both. Over-Achiever!!!! It makes me so mad that he became a Dr. before I did... ;0) No, seriously though, this guy probably deserves it, because he was like totally DRIVEN.

David Sorenson (Too common of a name. Tragically unGoogleable. He was a good guy, for sure. Liked duct tape wallets.)

Craig Banz Appears to be in the Air Force. A great dode!

Elder Harris (I'm sorry I can't remember your first name, we were only companions for like a week. Was your first name Anthony?)

Peter Spransey (Unique name, but nothing came up. Interesting guy. Used to work at Kinko's. Seemed surprised that I was aware of the stereotype that most Kinko's employees are gay.)

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uh, yeah. so hoki is an architect in seattle. his email is ahhoki at