Monday, October 01, 2007

You, Me, And the Rest of the World

Amidst all of the Ronald Jenkees mania that has been going around lately, I would have to say that this video is the true gem of his collection. It's like a very Kentucky Mr. Rogers meets Herbie Hancock. When I am feeling down, I watch this one, and on one of two levels, it always cheers me up.

And of course, just in case you haven't seen it yet, WHO WANTS TO PLAY BALDERDASH!? BALDERDASH!

Also, after carefully viewing all of Ronald's videos, I think Ronald and his roommates might be Mormon. There is an important clue as to why I think that in this video. Can you find what it is?

Also also, after thinking long and hard about this, I really do think that the Ronald Jenkees persona is all an elaborate joke, or that he may actually be like that, but that he is kind of hamming it up so that he can get more internet famous. It's hard though, because when it's really funny, I have to wonder: if this were really planned, could anyone actually be that brilliant? What throws me for a loop is that sometimes his videos aren't very funny, he's just talking about how he installed Ubuntu on his laptop or whatever. His renegade pluralization of proper nouns (ie. "YouTubes," "Googles") is very funny but it seems kind of impossible that someone would actually make those kind of mistakes. The mystery continues.

That being said, I was thinking of inviting him to play a show in Bloomington, since he isn't too far away? Would y'all come or what?

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Brian said...

Heck yes! I wondered that about RJ, too! He's pretty responsive to e-mails (just e-mail him), I'm too nervous to ask. Another clue besides the painting of George Washington praying in their room is that when his roommate gets some "tobacco paraphernalia," he expresses his disapproval with smoking--and when he's in his car listening to "Ridin' Dirty" he warns that if you don't do bad stuff, you won't have any worry to "ride dirty." Mormon or not, RJ is my homey.