Sunday, October 21, 2007

A World of You

world of you015

Crappy scan, I know.


rachel said...

I thought there was only one Cash Cab host. And he is pretty amazing. How does he ask all those moderately challenging questions while driving the streets of New York City?

M. H. D. said...

Haha. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Cash Cab host is the one and only. "Moderately challenging" is exactly right. I was telling a friend the other day how I enjoy watching that show because most of the questions are pretty manageable. It's that double or nothing question at the end of the ride that would get me though, because, sometimes they are just as easy as the other questions, but other times I really have no clue. It's for double the money though, so you kinda want to just go for it.

Is there a prompter somewhere that he gets the questions from? Is there a cameraman riding in the front seat with him? Was he an actual cab driver before becoming a game show host? I have many questions about this show.

Chris Foresman said...